Paddling Thoughts.

“A man (wo-man) delights in water

Paddling. Forward strokes, backward strokes, j-strokes, c-strokes. A repetition practiced numerous times. The movement, the progression onward makes the sore shoulders almost seem numb.

I’ve gone on 3 major canoe trips, very off the grid. My latest being the longest, 7 days. One day, as I was sterning, I sat silently in the boat. The water was calm as a mirror, reflecting the noonday sun already beating on my back. My mind wandered, as it often does if I have minimal interaction. My bow was facing forwards, doing her job, and I didn’t bother to bring up another incredibly long conversation about Glee . 

I pondered death and life. I wondered what death felt like, what happens. I assume many have these thoughts, but those endless seeming hours encouraged my mind to wander further.

What is our place in this vastly expansive universe? The earth, the home of billions, happens to only be a tiny blue speck in the middle of endless nothingness?

But is it nothingness?

The universe is constantly expanding, but a) what are we expanding in to, b) but how large is our universe already?, and c) if the universe lasts forever, what is forever?

I’m going to close this short post with a few questions, if you could spend a minute or two answering one in the comments (or even following!) I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. What is our place in the universe?
  2. Are you afraid of death?
  3. Do you have a rational answer to a,b, and c as listed above? (Obviously, nobody can know for sure, but do any of my readers have any idea?)

Happy MLK day and talk to you tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Paddling Thoughts.

  1. Death itself is scary. What happens next? I believe in God, and life after death, but the whole concept of not being *here* is pretty scary. After the death of my boyfriend/baby’s father, I’ve been pondering death a lot lately.
    Interesting post!


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