Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964)

Well, I have a new favorite film.

“The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” is the tale of a young girl, Genevieve and her love interest Guy who is joining the war effort. Genevieve soon falls pregnant, and Guy is off for two years at war. While he is gone, Genevieve is somewhat forced into a wedding with Monsieur Cassard, a rich, older man. Guy is destroyed to find that Genevieve married, and soon his own mother died. He finds love out of his mother’s caretaker, Madeleine. Soon, they marry and have a child, Francois. When they meet again, many years later, well…. I can’t spoil EVERYTHING! The end is stunning, and the details in the movie, down to the name of the children, is perfect. I viewed the film in French, but there are subtitles available and, to my knowledge, there is an English version.

I must say, this movie is everything I wanted and more. It is sung through beautifully, and, if you can get over the “Oh!”s by Mme. Emery, you’ll love it too.

I felt compassion towards Genevieve, who never seems to be fully happy in the film, except for the very beginning.

Originally, I was angry at Guy for taking advantage of a minor and leaving, and eventually going off an marrying Madeleine. I do have to say, though, that Guy would’ve been perfectly happy marrying Genevieve after he returned from the war, if it wasn’t for the fact that Genevieve wasn’t already married.

I do blame Mme. Emery partially for the events in the movie. She looks out for Genevieve the best she can, but sometimes I don’t know if it truly is for Genevieve’s best. With Guy gone and a baby on the way, I can see how Mme. Emery would want Genevieve married and in a comfortable economic standing.

In short, I think a running theme of the movie is safety. Monetarily wise, mostly. Mme. Emery was in debt in the beginning, and with Genevieve pregnant, making ends meet would be even more difficult. Because of this, M. Cassard plays a pivotal role in the movie and in the events occuring if this was a real story (which it most definitely could’ve been), whether you like him or not.

Overall Review: 

9.5/10, keeping mind it is shot in the 60s!

It’s truly a must-watch!



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