So this is a thing now.

A blog. Interesting.

Well, here’s a simply awkward introduction. My name is Siena. This is my blog. Glad that’s over.

I’ve always wanted an outlet for me to share my feelings, the days events, things I have been loving, etc. I tried the YouTube gig (didn’t work out…). I’ve tried journaling/a diary (didn’t work out either). You may be wondering at this point why the heck I’m creating a blog, and to that question I have no definite answer.

One thing I can assure you of is that these short little posts aren’t going to perfect or stunning grammatically, but they will be me speaking from the heart. My goal with these posts is to make you a tad bit happier. You could be having the worst of days but maybe a few little lines will perk you up. Maybe. Hopefully.

One of my downfalls of my many attempts at blog writing is the fact that I simply put too much stress on myself to make whatever I do perfect and on a schedule. These posts will not have a schedule. I have work to do 24/7 it seems so I probably won’t get to this every night (I’ll try). These posts will come at least 2 times a week for the very near future, and maybe more or less after that. That is about the only concrete thing I know about this blog. Heck- the name might even change! We shall see.

I’m glad you stumbled upon this little old (new) blog; and I’ll see you soon. 🙂

Until we speak again

-SRP ❤


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